My name is Jenny McDonald and until recently, I worked as a Lecturer in Higher Education at the University of OtagoCurrently, I’m an independent writer and researcher and a Research Associate with the Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education at the University of Auckland.

I live in Blueskin Bay, just north of Dunedin on the East Coast of the South Island of NZ. Confusingly, the photo, is of me on leave and at Bothmer Castle on the Baltic Coast. It needs to be said, that Clover was unimpressed by my absence and seeking caprine retribution, ate the house-sitter’s shirt.

My particular research interests are the applications of natural language processing (NLP), including corpus methods, to formative feedback and learning analytics but I’m broadly interested in any applications of technology to support educational goals.
Aside from work, I am passionate about sustainability. I live very happily and proudly off the grid and when the weather is fine, travel by electric bike. When it is not I travel by car and burn fossil fuel along with everyone else. I like to think I keep on the right side of the ledger but Clover assures me that I could do better – she doesn’t help by eating trees I have just planted.
I am deeply interested in all animals but especially domestic ones: people, goats, cows, chooks and of course dogs and cats. Here’s the dog who is extremely jealous that That Goat has taken pride of place on the blog.
Occasionally, I tweet as @aggiewil – the name of my maternal grandmother, of whom I was exceptionally fond. I borrowed her name, Aggie Willcox, as it is a great deal less common than mine so does not result in username unavailable bleats. She was a cool lady with a strong sense of social justice, a fondness for a flutter on the horses and a wide girth.

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