Academic work

Current research grants

SSHRC (Canada) Insight Grant (2016) Disciplinary Discourse Analytics for Deep Learning. (PI Dr Amal Zouaq, University of Ottawa)

Selected publications

McDonald, J., Moskal, A.C.M., Gunn, C., & Donald, C. (2018). Text analytic tools to illuminate student learning. In J. Lodge, J.C. Horvath, & L. Corrin (Eds.), Learning analytics in the classroom: Translating learning analytics research for teachers. Routledge. (Forthcoming)

Gunn, C., & McDonald, J. (2018). Promoting learning analytics for tertiary teachers: A New
Zealand case study, In J. Lodge, J. C. Horvath & L. Corrin (Eds.), Learning analytics in the classroom: Translating research for teachers. Routledge. (Forthcoming)

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Published commentary

McDonald, J (2016) Blindly Counting Academics’ Publications is the Road to Hell. Blog post republished by Times Higher Education Blog. January 5th 2016