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Life and death

Sir Ken Robinson once famously said in a TED talk, “university professors… look upon their body as a form of transport for their heads…it’s a way of getting their head to meetings.” Underlying some of the best humour is often a certain truth. Much of academic life involves thinking, writing, reading, arguing and abstracting away… Read More »

ALASI 2015 Day 2

Off to a cracking start to Day 2 of ALASI 2015 this morning with a fabulous keynote from Peter Reimann. Learning Analytics meets Learning Research mediated through Design-based Research (DBR).  It was a neat argument and the most lucid description of DBR that I’ve heard or read. Learning Analytics allows us to continuously record data… Read More »

Crimson and Clover

Quelle horreur! In this morning’s ODT Crimson Consulting has purchased UniTutor, a local beneficiary of a bit of higher education unbundling. If we want ever more tangible evidence of widening participation gaps look no further. Crimson Consulting, according to its website, can help you get into the most elite of clubs: Harvard, Oxford, Columbia, Yale… Read More »

A Prickle in the Throat

Watched George Siemens giving a recent keynote at Learning with MOOCS 2015 here: His main point seems to be about wanting MOOCs to “make us better as people and as a society” and lamenting the inequity and horror that goes on in Higher Ed. Laudable stuff but the gap between the haves and have-nots is… Read More »

A Goat Called Clover

At the intersection of education and nature is The Goat. In this case, a goat called Clover. Popular wisdom in Higher Education is that academics should have an online profile to promote their research and teaching and to have an impact in the wider community. I’m unconvinced that much of what goes on in Higher… Read More »