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Naysayer rising

Never before have so many people been so well educated. Two of my grandparents left school without qualifications. Neither of my parents attended university. My siblings and I all had the benefit of a tertiary education. This is a common and familiar pattern especially in western democracies. But what are we learning? One of the strong… Read More »

Artful Clover

Still in beta, a neat application of NLP to allow the artistically challenged to create 3D visualisations is at Spurred on by Clover bleating about being left off the recent Ascilite post I entered the following text: The yellow goat is on the table. A newspaper is on the shiny grass 3 foot in front… Read More »

ALASI 2015 Day 1

The first day of the Australian Learning Analytics Summer Institute (ALASI 2015) was packed with things to think about. Lyn Alderman’s opening keynote was strong on solid practical advice about ensuring the relevance and quality of higher education courses and drew on her work at QUT. A key message from Lyn’s talk was the simple… Read More »

Adventures in POS-Tagging

A misty grey day on the hill and Clover is huddled in her house with great friend Chicory. So, perfect conditions for fiddling with part-of-speech tagging in R… My goal was to try out the openNLP library in R on a learner corpus of short-answer responses. Having installed the openNLP library, the main issue was… Read More »